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We are pleased to offer unique and 100% original pieces of art using acrylic paints and the pouring technique of “liquid art”. Creating each artisan piece can take several weeks and involves painstaking preparation of materials and combinations of paint pouring techniques.

We use only the highest quality materials and so only the best finished products are offered here. Our coasters and fridge magnets are finished with the highest quality resins to give them a exquisite lustre and highly polished finish.
Our selections of products make for wonderful engagement, wedding, birthday or Christmas gifts. Or equally, treat for yourself. Our coasters can make a fine talking point when holding a dinner party with family and friends.

If you cannot see the combination of colours you want in the gallery please contact us with your requirements. If you have a specific colour scheme just drop us an email and we will gladly do our best to see if we can meet your needs. Bespoke orders may require a number of weeks to complete due to the drying process. As different devices display colours differently there may be slight variation in image between what you see online and the product in real life.

It is our sincere hope that you find as much pleasure in viewing our art as we do in creating it.
Immerse yourself in the images created in the paint. Allow yourself to see beyond the surface of the paint and let your mind relax as you discover its patterns.

Coasters and placemats are easily kept clean using just warm water and a soft cloth but please do not immerse them in water or use in a dishwasher.


We just wanted to share with you our current situation, which is quite different from where we expected to be.

I’m sorry to report that on December 2nd Roni suffered a severe and very unexpected stroke. Roni had been unwell having come down with a nasty flu strain through November that left her with a persistent cough. On the day of the stroke Roni suffered an incredibly violent coughing fit whilst driving. The fit was so bad that it caused her carotid artery to rupture and dislodge a part of the artery wall. Immediately Roni lost 50% of her vision on the right-hand side. The debris from the artery travelled up to the left side of her brain and we now believe over the following period of 15 hours this gradually caused 2 blood clots to form on the brain which resulted in a massive stroke. Despite 2 visits from paramedic teams, neither of them identified the symptoms of a stroke. Eventually they took Roni to A & E but even then, there was a delay as they were unable to diagnose that it was a stroke until they carried out a CT scan and then rushed her straight into theatre. They successfully removed most of the clots and fitted a stent in her brain. Roni then spent a couple of weeks in Southmead Acute Stroke unit where she was also diagnosed with pneumonia. Once properly cleared of pneumonia she was moved to South Bristol Rehab Unit where she made a great recovery in a short period of time. The stroke though has left its mark. Roni has lost a large part of the use and sensation of her right-hand side, is blind for 50% of her vision on her right side, has lost the use of her right arm and has massive apraxia and aphasia, meaning she cannot communicate except for odd words here and there. Even listening to a conversation can be incredibly taxing and causes her great fatigue so we have to be careful to make sure she doesn’t run out of steam each day. But she’s still fighting it every day.

So, the good news is that Roni is home and is receiving community rehab support as we help her on her long road to recovery. One of the most distressing and upsetting things for Roni, being right-handed, is that she has lost the ability to create her artwork. Anyone who has met Roni knows how passionate she is about her art and we know that she has the strength and determination to regain the ability to create but this will obviously take time.

For Veri Beri Art, 2023 had been shaping up to be a fantastic year until the flu and stroke hit us. Very upsettingly for Roni we even had to cancel her largest commission to date because she could not deliver the artwork, that said, both of us are determined to use the artwork as part of her rehabilitation and therapy through 2024, but obviously it calls into doubt our ability to trade throughout the year. Our hope is that Roni’s recovery means she will continue to produce her great fluid art products and that we can start attending events and markets once again. The great news though is that she has already started painting again, although at a reduced rate due to her having to manage her fatigue and physical restrictions. As we get events lined up we will obviously let everyone know through the website, Facebook etc.


In the meantime, we just wanted to thank everyone for all their support, patience and understanding. We have received some very touching messages and well-wishes.

Take care everyone, please stay safe and well, and live life to the full.

Best regards

Nick & Roni

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