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Our products are unique, with multiple layers of colour and texture and some works have metallic, petrol,  oil and even multi-layered 3D dynamic effected. They are also and very tactile. 2D pictures simply do not do them justice and we have found the best way to introduce customers to our homemade, unique products is for us to attend markets and events in the South West. We started setting up our stall in the summer 2022 we have enjoyed a fantastic reception and feedback from all of the locations we have attended. There’s nothing better than seeing the fantastic works of art in real life, preferably with natural sunlight on hand.

We would love to invite you to come along to one of the very popular markets we plan to attend and help yourself to a close-up look (and feel) and check out what we produce.

As we confirm bookings we will add them to this page and to our Facebook, Instagram pages, so please like and follow us.

2024 Dates


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